Dance provides a fantastic form of activity for older people providing physical, mental and social benefits. Participating regularly in dance sessions can strengthen muscles, improve joint mobility, balance, posture and gait, and can keep the heart healthy and happy. In addition, dance can help maintain mental and cognitive wellbeing. Learning and repeating routines and movements can improve memory functions while the creative element of dance can help maintaining problem solving and decision making skills, and provides a way to express emotions and feelings, which is especially helpful when means of communication are impaired. Dance provides a social and inclusive activity that is fun and energizing.

I am excited to offer creative dance classes for older people through Generation Games, Age UK Oxfordshire’s physical activity service. I am also working for the English National Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s program sharing the classes in Oxford. I have completed my Dance for Parkinson’s training with People Dancing & Dance for Parkinson’s UK. I am currently completing a level 3 diploma course on leading dance for older people with the Green Candle Dance Company in London.

ENB Dance For Parkinson’sMonday 13:00Old Fire Station
Creative Moves demntia-friendly dance classThursday 11:00Shotover view
Memory moves Chair-based dance class for people with dementia and/or Parkinson’sTuesday 10:00

Here lovely Anne from the ENB Dance for Parkinson’s Oxford class.